Rights and duties


Each patient has the right to:


be subjected only to diagnostic examinations that are deemed appropriate and are carried out according to the modalities deriving from the most recent and accredited scientific opinions.


be informed about the diagnostic potential and possible risks of the investigation to be carried out.


be informed by the doctor who conducted the examination on the outcome of the same, in compliance with the rules of ethics and law.


be directed, within the limits of the competence of the radiologist, on the subsequent appropriate diagnostic investigations and possible therapeutic guidelines.



Each patient has the duty to:


Provide the radiologist with all the clinical information possible for the purpose of a better examination and interpretation of the same.


In particular, they must be provided:

all previous investigations concerning the problem

any documentation of any previous surgery

any written medical request that provides clinical indications


report any possible danger or contraindication to the examination (pregnancy, known allergies to medicines, etc.)


The Studio kindly requests patients to understand that a clinical activity can not always meet the timing of appointments because more complex or sensitive cases may take longer than expected for a standard survey, still apologizing for any possible resulting delay.


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